"God Is With Those Who Are Crying": Thoughts From a United Methodist Pastor in Ukraine

March 04, 2022
UMC Pastor Volodymyr Prokip in Lviv, Ukraine shares his thoughts on the current crisis, the immediate needs, and the response. He also reflects on where he sees God at work, what crisis brings out in people, and how we might help. To support the student ministry led by Volodymyr Prokip, give to Advance #14055A

'God is with those who are crying': Thoughts from a United Methodist pastor in Ukraine from Minnesota Annual Conference UMC on Vimeo. Music: Slow Pop by Arulo


Evidence of Hope: "Can We Be the Light of the World by Caring for the People?"

Bishop Eduard Khegay, resident bishop of the Eurasia Episcopal Area, which includes both Russia and Ukraine, shares a conversation with Rev. Dr. Fred Vanderwerf at vimeo.com/683935963 .  Bishop Khegay reflects on the war, the trauma Ukrainians are facing, how we might respond, and how he is personally wrestling with Russia’s future.

The invasion of Ukraine: How we might respond from Minnesota Annual Conference UMC on Vimeo.

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