Grace Hospice Care shares facing Covid-19 in Mongolia - “We Cannot Forget Our Patients”

April 24, 2020
Story and photos submitted by Dr. Altankhyag
Director, Grace Hospice Care

It has been quite a long time since the Covid-19 has started. During this time there have been lots of changes in people’s lives and in nature that we have never experienced before. Ironically, there have been some good things come out from this global crisis. For example, due to less pollution, in some countries, there is cleaner air and water became pure and more fish get caught. People are spending more time with families, appreciate the relationship with people, and miss the gathering of churches. 

“We Cannot Forget Our Patients”

Currently, in Mongolia, there are 15 people infected, 4 people treated and 11 people still being treated. The Covid-19 was brought to us by one French man and fortunately, it hasn’t spread much since then. Since Covid-19 has become pandemic, people are anxious, constantly collecting their groceries, and not going out as much. All public gatherings such as schools, universities, gymnasiums, and churches have closed until April 30.

Since hospital doctors and nurses have to be in contact with patients always, we cannot hide the feelings of fear and anxiety. However, during this difficult moment, we cannot forget our patients who are at home with cancer, who are in constant pain. Our Grace Hospice staff members discussed in our office and shared how we should deal with in this critical situation and came up with some solutions.

Our Missionary Chin Cho encouraged us to work safely in this difficult circumstance. We are following the sanitation rules very carefully when we do patient visitations. We also give consultations to caregivers and patients how to keep safe from this pandemic. Sometimes, we leave cards of encouragement with patients wishing them to stay healthy always. Some patients have refused to receive care from us because they were scared of infection from human contact.

We graciously accept this in a positive way and suggested contacting us if they change their mind.

A month ago, there has been a great number of mask shortages for medical workers so our Hospice team used one-time use disposal mask for two days but now more masks are being made. We are thankful that Mongolian UMC Women’s handcraft has made and donated 100 fabric masks to Grace Hospice. We are hoping and praying that Coronavirus would stop soon. We are so thankful that we have God who protects us!

You can support this mission through the Advance: # 14928A - GRACE HOSPICE Providing hospice home care for members of the Ulaanbaatar community living with advanced cancer.