Hispanic Heritage Month Feature: Gracia Divina

September 17, 2020
Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. This month, we will be celebrating the ministry of Gracia Divina. If you would like to support Hispanic/Latino ministries of the Mountain Sky Conference (MSC), you can donate online or send a check to the MSC office with the memo 'Hispanic/Latino Ministries'. Thank you for your generosity! Please donate online.

Iglesia Gracia Divina has been serving the Latin community in the Denver, CO area for almost eight years. We have been able to share God’s love in and beyond our church walls:
  • We have robust ministries for our children, youth, and young adults.
  • We give thanks for our pastors Guillermo and Sanjuana Reyes and very dedicated lay leaders.
  • During the pandemic, in addition to weekly worship, we continue to have Bible Study on zoom.
  • We have learned that the church is not just what happens within the four walls of the building. We give thanks that through technology, we have been able to connect and welcome God’s children to worship with us from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, California, New Jersey, and beyond the Denver area.
  • Every Sunday we have the opportunity to serve breakfast to about 50 unhoused community members.
We are currently have three projects/needs.
  • We have been using our cell phones to record and livestream (to Facebook) our Bible study and worship services. We are fundraising to purchase livestreaming, recording, and editing equipment.
  • We are also in need if a copier so that we provide materials for Bible study and our children’s ministry.
  • We are learning that our community does not realize that we are there! We have new members after we placed some welcome flags outside. The new members mentioned that they did not know that we were a church. We believe that an electronic sign will be helpful.
Thank you for your continual prayers and support.
Gracia Divina is located on 3431 W. Alameda Ave. in Denver, CO 80219.

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