How to submit resources to Congregational Vitality blog pages

February 12, 2019

How to submit: a guide

The Congregational Vitality Committee needs your help.  

We all want to address the called General Conference and our way forward as United Methodists.  We want and need to pray.  We may or may not want to talk about it, depending on our (and our congregations') particular setting.  There are anxiety levels ranging from low heart rates to perilously high blood pressures around the gathering in St. Louis.

And yet, we all worship.  There are several blog pages, linked below, where you can share original prayers, litanies, affirmations, or anything else that will help other churches put together worship services over the next few Sundays.  Notice is short, but we wanted to provide an outlet and resource as we walk the road of these next few weeks together.  Thank you for your prayerful submissions. Please indicate whether your submission is best used before, during, or after GC2019.