Iliff's ReSource to offer 3-week Zoom seminar on building urgency toward organizational change

April 23, 2019
Submitted by Rev. Tom Barlow
Director of Alumni and Community Education
Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colorado

The Iliff School of Theology ReSource program is offering a new kind of experience: a three-week online seminar from May 6-24, 2019 examining John Kotter's theory of change, with a particular emphasis on building a sense of urgency.

Building a Sense of Urgency

This seminar is designed to serve as a guide to building urgency when facilitating organizational change. It also includes a broad “brush stroke” of those necessary stages involved in introducing organizational change – a refresher, if you will, of the scaffolding that elevates change efforts – based on the work of John Kotter.

This approach is relevant because so very much of the organizational landscape is changing. To respond faster to changes in the market, organizations are relying more on contract workers. Due to declining membership, churches are moving to part-time and shared-leadership ministry models. Economic forces have forced nonprofits to limit their hires and rely increasingly on volunteer support. To quote John Kotter:

In a turbulent era, when new competitors or political problems might emerge at any time, when technology is changing everything, both the business-as-usual behavior associated with complacency and the running-in-circles behavior associated with a false sense of urgency are increasingly dangerous.

Seminar Content

This three-week seminar experience is fully online, and accessible anytime. Three plenary sessions will be offered via Zoom, to be scheduled in consultation with registered participants; the sessions will be recorded and available after each event for those who were unable to participate. Online discussion forums will be available beginning in early May.

Content will include discussion focused on essential concepts, conversations about experiences with change, and a case study. The seminar starts on Monday, May 6 and ends on Friday, May 24.

Participants will need to purchase one text before the seminar begins, Leading Change, by John P. Kotter. The latest edition would be best, but older editions are fine too.

Additional readings will be posted online.

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