Impressive generosity during the pandemic continues - MSC Council on Finance and Administration

July 01, 2020
Submitted by the Rev. Dr. C. Dennis Shaw
Statistician, Mountain Sky Conference, UMC

Mountain Sky local churches continue to show financial generosity in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the necessary reinvention of local congregational giving. As we said in April: the sky is not falling. Again, thank you. Thank you very much!

In early May, Amber Mitts and I wrote, drawing from Ecclesiastes 3:

“‘To everything, there is a season’ indeed but gratitude is always in season: the generosity of the churches in the Mountain Sky Conference through April is impressive.” That generosity continues to be on rich display in the Mountain Sky Conference through the end of June.

Thank you again!
An updated Figure 1 shows where we have been at various months of the year since 2018 in meeting our (new) Conference budgetary needs.

Our words of last month were:

“It continues to be impressive in how churches have kept the Conference in mind during these troubled times. Just as gratitude is always in season, generosity and honoring the connection are also always in season. Recessions can’t stop our connectional love and support! Again, thank you. Thank you very much!”

Those words continue to be true.

Last month, we then turned to the idea of being urgent, but not anxious, and I want to return to that theme for the rest of this piece.

For pragmatic and prudent reasons, your Conference Financial leadership took action in April and May to reduce spending by approximately 10%. Further, we applied for, and were approved for, the Paycheck Protection Program.

Looking at the Conference performance against the budget through the end of May, one might think that was premature. We aren’t so sure, as we live in interesting times.

Legacy Rocky Mountain and the new Mountain Sky saw downturns in Mission Shares sent to the Conference in the summer months. Will that happen this year? We don’t know. With so many churches not collecting monthly offerings in the traditional manner, on Sunday morning, and rather collecting them independent of the traditional “offering plate”, will the June through September downturn still happen? Again, we don’t know. Right now, we are assuming yes. We want to be wrong. In total candor, we have been impressed with the April and May performance by so many local churches. We hope this support continues.

There is a separate article in this newsletter on General and Jurisdictional connectional relationship supporting the people called Methodists around the world.

Again, in this season of a pandemic the local churches have shown a season of gratitude and generosity.
Again, thank you!
Dennis serves the Mountain Sky Conference as Statistician and a member of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration. His email is and answers texts to 801-889-7013. 

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