JUST LOVE: Criminalization of Black Girls in School on March 21

February 07, 2021

Just Love Week Five—Criminalization of Black Girls in School

The Rev. Melanie Martin-Dent will present the main elements from the United Methodist Women Mission u issue study called Pushout focusing on the plight of black girls in school. 

Despite increased attention to the mass and over-incarceration of black men, the plight of criminalized black women and girls is overlooked, underreported and under analyzed. Monique W. Morris' Pushout shows how even with obstacles, stigmas, stereotypes and despair, black girls still find ways to breathe remarkable dignity into their lives in classrooms, juvenile facilities and beyond, and challenges the rest of us to do the same.

Dent will challenge us to find ways in our local communities to engage in change. 

The following is from the study description. Pushout, published in 2016, analyzes the increasing trend of the educational and criminal-justice systems to criminalize the behavior of Black girls. The study shares the narratives of girls and teenagers, as well as providing supporting statistical data, to tell this riveting story of the continued marginalization and abuse of Black people, especially women and children. She includes narratives about children as young as six.

Although their stories differ because they live under multiple levels of marginalization—due to race, age, gender, and sexual identity—these girls’ voices all cry for justice. It is our hope that the voices of these girls will resound in the ears of every participant and reader, touch hearts, and compel missional engagement. 

Mountain Sky United Methodist Women will be offering the full Pushout Issue Study later in 2021.  Participants may want to purchase or check-out the book “Pushout, Criminalization of Black Girls in School,” by Monique W. Morris. 

For more information visit:  Push Out - The Criminalization of Black Girls in School

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