JUST LOVE: Generational Trauma on Feb. 28

February 07, 2021
Incarcerated Japanese American farmers work the fields in front of Heart Mountain. By 1945, the camp was almost completely self-sustaining.

Generational trauma is exactly what it sounds like: trauma that isn’t just experienced by one person but extends from one generation to the next. “It can be silent, covert, and undefined, surfacing through nuances and inadvertently taught or implied throughout someone’s life from an early age onward,” licensed clinical psychologist and parenting evaluator Melanie English, PhD, tells Health.

Session two will expose how Japanese American Internment evidences today in our own local area of the Mountain Sky Conference. Learn how to identify it and what you can do to aid in alleviating the ongoing suffering of people who are targets for discrimination, hate, self-doubt and a host of other mental health and societal put downs. We will learn from past experience to understand why acts of isolation of specific people must not be repeated.

Learn more about generational trauma here.

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