JUST LOVE: Human Trafficking on March 7

February 07, 2021

Just Love Week Three—Human Trafficking

Week three’s focus is on human trafficking and the shocking realization that it is active in the states within the Mountain Sky Conference. Experts from Denver’s Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking will illuminate what’s happening and what’s being done. Additionally, the Lab experts will offer ways for local churches and individuals to help combat this ongoing threat primarily to women, youth and children.

Kara Napolitano, research and training manager for the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT), will share how they approach this question in Colorado. Using a community-based strategy, LCHT’s work includes surveys, along with interviews and focus groups to aid in their research and work to end trafficking.

Since 2005, LCHT has trained over 35,000 professionals and community members conducted research to drive action and inform policy change operated the statewide 24/7 human trafficking hotline and developed over 150 future human rights leaders.

Their community-based approach is similar to how churches approach ministry and mission. In fact, Napolitano says,“Working on the issue of human trafficking means asking yourself and others to care about those who are often perceived as ‘unworthy’ and rarely considered victims.”

For more information visit: combathumantrafficking.org

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