JUST LOVE: Japanese American Forced Incarceration on Feb. 21

February 07, 2021
A recreated guard tower stands in front of Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. Nine of these towers once encircled the camp's residential area.

Just Love Week One—Japanese American Internment

To know our history is to help negative aspects from recurring. This session gives a historical grounding of World War II internment camps found in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, with a detention center in Montana--states now comprising our Mountain Sky Conference. It seems unlikely that we will have another executive order like President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066. However, to this day along the southern U.S. border, families are separated, and large numbers of refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers are held in private, for-profit detention centers and large, fenced holding cells. Our history and our current reality calls us to consider our attitude and actions as community members and disciples of Jesus Christ. Hear from our panel, including those from the Japanese American community, along with church leaders from Simpson UMC, Arvada, Colorado, in learning together in this two-part presentation. By the end of this session you will have an understanding of how the motives of fear and nationalism that prompted Japanese American Internment continue today. A deep dive into issues surrounding our border with Mexico and immigration practices that are not far afield from actions during World War II. You will be left with ways to become engaged and how you can take action as an individual or as a congregation. Leah Coleman will moderate.  

Japanese American Forced Incarceration Resources

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