JUST LOVE: Restorative Justice on March 14

February 07, 2021

Just Love Week Four—Restorative Justice

Catherine Gunderson, director of the Center for Restorative Youth Justice (CRYJ) in Kalispell, Montana, presents an overview of their work to restore life and hope to youth and families who have entered the juvenile justice system or referrals from school detention centers. 

(From the CRYJ website) CRYJ offers an alternative approach to finding resolution that focuses on meeting the needs of those who have been most impacted by an incident or crime.

Restorative Justice emphasizes:

  • Repairing of harm for victims

  • Offender accountability

  • Increasing community safety

Restorative Justice adds human connection into systems that typically rely on rules and punishment. Restorative justice conferences nurture relationships between victims, offenders, families and community members, ultimately leading towards a stronger sense of human unity for all. Most restorative justice models seek to encourage participants to convert a limited worldview based around isolation and individualism into a much more positive vision that is rooted in honesty, accountability, and connection.

Restorative justice approaches have been shown to reduce recidivism and cut costs associated with the juvenile justice system. What can you do to help youth and families in your community? 

For more information visit Center for Restorative Youth Justice

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