JustLove & JustUs: A Story of Punitive Incarceration & Reflections on Indigenous Peacemaking

February 15, 2022

JustLove & JustUs: A Story of Punitive Incarceration & Reflections on Indigenous Peacemaking
Sunday, April 3, 2022, 5:30 - 6:45 pm (MT)


Motus Theater collaborates with leaders across the country to step into the shoes of our JustUs Motus monologists by reading aloud their stories. These strategic collaborations invite the audience to get to know people who were formerly incarcerated through powerful stories from their lives. This event is part of the JustLove series of The Mountain Sky Conference of The UMC, focusing on the injustice and racism of the criminal legal system and what approach can be taken to achieve true justice.

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Brett Lee Shelton (Oglala Sioux), Senior Staff Attorney of the Native American Rights Fund, joins Motus JustUs monologist, Daniel Guillory, to co-read his autobiographical monologue about his personal experience of the inhumanity of the prison system. After the reading, Brett Lee Shelton will reflect on Daniel Guillory’s story from the perspective of indigenous peacekeeping. Tanaya Winder (Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné, and Duckwater Shoshone Nations; her heritage also includes African American) will offer a poetic response to Daniel’s story and inspire us to take actions to support public love and justice.

The performance is part of a collaboration with faith leaders who express moral courage and civic hospitality as they read aloud the story of a person who was formerly incarcerated and reflect both personally and theologically on seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is directly impacted by the system. The monologue is followed by a poetic response that invites the audience or congregation to imagine what true justice looks like in our country. 
Daniel Guillory is a Motus Theater JustUs Monologist. He is a minister, visual artist, poet, and writer with the pen name JB. He is developing his voice as a motivational speaker. He is a grateful father and new grandfather. He is moved by his work with Motus Theater to not simply support Restorative Justice but to transform the entire criminal legal system.

Brett Lee Shelton is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and a Senior Staff Attorney at the Native American Rights Fund. His work at NARF focuses on the Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative, Boarding School Healing work, Sacred Places protection policy. He also occasionally serves as an appellate court justice for several tribal nations.

Tanaya Winder is an author, singer/songwriter, poet, motivational speaker, and educator who comes from an intertribal lineage of Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné, and Duckwater Shoshone Nations where she is an enrolled citizen. Her heritage also includes African American. Tanaya’s performances and talks emphasize the importance of “heartwork” – the life path one is meant to follow by using his/her/their gifts and passions. She blends storytelling, singing, and spoken word to teach about different expressions of love (self-love, intimate love, social love, community love, and universal love). 

Autobiographical JustUs monologue written by Daniel Guillory in collaboration with Motus Theater Artistic Director, Kirsten Wilson.