Korean-American UMC in Colorado Springs, CO receives Racial/Ethnic Local Church (RELC) Grant

January 21, 2020
Story by Rev. Tiffany Keith
Congregational Resource Minister, Peaks/Pikes Peak District
Mountain Sky Conference

It has been a joy walking with Korean American UMC in Colorado Springs as Pastor Peter Lee dreamed up a new educational program for their church.

Last summer, the church applied for the General Board of Church & Society Racial/Ethnic Local Church (RELC) Grant to update a restroom and classrooms which will allow them to host a new program called "Mommy and Me." The program is designed to be an outreach to the community and “provide a warm and welcoming place where mothers and their young children inside the church as well as in the community which it resides can meet, connect, socialize, and share ideas in a caring United Methodist church environment.”

I was excited when Pastor Lee emailed me in December to let me know they received the grant and hope to begin the program this fall. Now they begin the hard work of renovating the restrooms, supplying the classrooms, hiring staff, recruiting volunteers, and finding families eager to connect in this way.

They hope this education program meets the needs of it’s growing population of families in the congregation, they also hope to connect with other Korean churches in Colorado Springs, and finally, they hope this program becomes an outreach to other churches in the quickly expanding city.

Can we pray for this congregation as they take the brave step of creating this new ministry?

To find out more about this, and other grants, please visit https://www.umcjustice.org/what-you-can-do/grants.