Lakewood United Methodist Church earns "Mayor's Inspiration Award"

September 27, 2023
Lakewood United Methodist Church earned the Lakewood “Mayor’s Inspiration Award” and was formally recognized at the regular meeting of City Council. Their name is now formally engraved on a piece of public art dedicated to this award that is permanently installed in the atrium of Lakewood’s city hall. Congratulations!

Pastor Ben Hensley of Lakewood UMC states, "
This church has said yes to so many powerful and innovative ways of being the body of Christ in this challenging time: yes to inviting the community into our facility to use it in ways we are not large enough to use it any more, yes to opening our doors as an emergency cold weather shelter, yes to a community garden, yes to safe parking, yes to a progressive witness of God’s love that is inclusive across a wide spectrum of identities and lived experiences, YES to the new thing God is doing in our little slice of West Colfax! This faith community has invested its time, money, and talents to vital ministry. This church has incredible staff, especially Lori Schneider, without whom I am convinced this church would never have been considered for this award. Take a victory lap Lakewood UMC! I love my job."