Longs Peak UMC in Longmont, CO makes more than 400 masks

May 26, 2020

Story submitted by Donna Chuang
Longs Peak UMC, Longmont, CO​

Photo: Special one-of-a-kind mask made for Pastor Phil Rogers 

Over 400 masks were made by Longs Peak UMC in Longmont, Colorado.

Recipients include:

  • Longmont United Hospital
  • Two local non-profits that serve the homeless (HOPE & Agape Safe Haven)
  • Meals-on-Wheels
  • Othercongregations and community members that requested a mask.

"We found that not only did this mask-making effort allow us to help keep our community safe, it also gave us a great opportunity for much needed personal connection with our congregation and community ...while, of course, keeping the appropriate physical distance. It also gave the mask makers and deliverers a wonderful opportunity to put their God-given gifts to use in this time of need." Hats off to Longs Peak UMC for their wonderful work in the community.