Lovell UMC Community Food Pantry meets the First Lady of Wyoming, Jennie Gordon

July 14, 2022
The Lovell United Methodist Church in Wyoming has long operated a community food pantry from its doors.  It has been open to all those who are hungry or need other supplies that the shelves may contain.  Until recently the pantry has operated solely on donations given by the members of the church and from all facets of the community, as well.  We never know what items will be donated, though there are some things that we try to keep in stock at all times.  Whatever the donations are, there is usually someone lined up on a Friday afternoon to take it home.

During the Pandemic, Governor Gordon’s spouse, Jennie (the First Lady of Wyoming) saw that there was going to be a dire need to help out folks who were struggling with food insecurity.  In response to that, her team made grants available, and our pantry was the recipient twice for some of those grant monies.

Recently, Ms. Gordon (though she asked us to please call her Jennie) made a visit to our little pantry and we were blessed to chat with her about all the folks we serve in the Lovell community, as well as dream boldly about how we could make changes to accommodate more types of foods, such as refrigerated or frozen commodities.  This would open up new opportunities for families to have meat and/or possibly fresh vegetables.  As we dreamed together, we talked about what it might look like to work with local farms and ranchers to acquire meat and seasonal produce, perhaps even farm fresh milk or eggs could be added to the items we regularly offered.

Thanks to Jennie Gordon, the state of Wyoming and to all the many volunteers who make this pantry not just a dream, but a reality in a community that truly knows what it means to love their neighbor.  With God’s help and maybe a little assistance from future grants and funding opportunities, Lovell UMC Community Food Pantry is moving toward an exciting future brimming with faith, hope and most of all, love!

(pictured L-R: Susan Peck, volunteer; Jennie Gordon, First Lady of Wyoming; Pastor Janita Krayniak)