Mike Moore tapped for Mountain Sky Disaster Response Coordinator

November 03, 2020
Bishop Karen Oliveto is excited to welcome Mike Moore as the new Disaster Response Coordinator for the Mountain Sky Conference, effective Nov. 1, 2020. Mike Moore brings years of experience as a member of the Conference Disaster Committee. From 2013 through 2017, he led the legacy Rocky Mountain Conference/UMCOR team that responded to the flooding in Colorado. He was also involved in disaster resilience efforts across the conference. He currently serves as the Mountain Sky liaison to the Colorado VOAD (Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster).

Mike says, “I feel drawn to disaster ministry as it allows us as United Methodists to live our faith in our communities, providing much needed help and support to our neighbors during difficult times.”

As the Disaster Response Coordinator, Mike and the Conference Disaster Response Team are responsible for the following programs:
  • Connecting Neighbors: This program has the goal of inspiring congregations and communities to be better able to minimize disaster caused harm to people and property and to respond to our neighbors in helpful, cooperative and caring ways on behalf of the church and in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
  • Early Response Team (ERT): This program combines training in specific skills and team building to allow volunteers to work together as an Early Response Team (ERT). This team fills a specific need in the early days after a disaster to clean out flood-damaged homes, remove debris, place tarps on homes, and otherwise help to prevent further damage while providing a Christian presence.
  • Disaster Spiritual Care (DSC): Disaster Spiritual Care is an essential part of helping survivors recover from a disaster. Spiritual care providers provide a specialized service and are usually trained as pastors, counselors or chaplains.
  • UMCOR: The Conference Disaster Response Committee is also our link to UMCOR, leveraging the knowledge, experience and resources that this outstanding ministry provides.
It is with profound gratitude that the Mountain Sky Conference thanks Rev. Dawn Skerritt as she retires from her position as Disaster Response Co-Coordinator for the conference. As Rev. Skerritt steps down from this role we honor and appreciate the ways she has kept us informed and cared for so many as she responded to disasters in our area.

Mike Moore may be contacted at disasterresponse@mtnskyumc.org
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