Meet Pastor Manuel Kalimbue

April 12, 2022
Submitted by Sally McConnell, East Angola Advocate for the Mountain Sky Conference

Meet Pastor Manuel Kalimbue, who serves as a pastor in the United Methodist Church of East Angola.  For someone only 29 years old, Pastor Kalimbue’s life and dedication to the Gospel are remarkable. Throughout his life, he has felt God was with him and guiding him. As a child, he and his family fled the civil war in Angola, lived in a refugee camp in Namibia, but then had to escape the refugee camp because of disease, and a lack of food and water. In escaping from the camp, Manuel got separated from his family. After traveling alone by foot for days, he was taken in by some people who did not treat him well. After months, God spoke to him and told him to escape and head back to Angola. After being separated for years, he finally reunited with his family. He became a member of Kalay United Methodist Church. One day in 2012 the bishop and two missionaries, Drs. Leo and Cleivy Garcia from Cuba came to visit. They invited Manuel to come to Quessua United Methodist Mission to study. In 2017 he was sent to Cuba to finish his studies, where he received a Master's degree in Theology.

Today, he serves the Malange UMC and also teaches at the Quessua Seminary. 

Pastor Kalimbue says: “No matter what situations and circumstances you are going through, God always will keep open another opportunity for your life. “
His ministry in Angola is supported by the people of the Mountain Sky Conference. Supporting pastors in East Angola makes a difference in their lives and the lives of the people they serve.