Mission Newsletter - Oct. 2020: Mental Health First Aid Training

October 12, 2020
With the help of an Abundant Health Grant and generous sponsors, First UMC Windsor, CO hosted a Youth Mental Health First Aid training. The purpose of this class is to train adults (18 and over) how to be an effective support person for “mental health first aid” for adults and youth experiencing a mental health crisis or struggling with signs of depression and anxiety and other mental health issues. It teaches participants how to provide support, resources and intervention before a crisis occurs.

Most often we at home know if a friend or loved one is suffering from depression or other brain health issues but unlike other physical illnesses, we do not know how to provide “first aid” to the person in need. Unfortunately in Colorado, suicide is the leading cause of death in our youth.

Now more than ever, especially with the pandemic, we need to have help/support for those who are suffering and know how to listen and help them without stigma or judgment. With training, we can erase the stigma and get our youth and loved ones the help they need. Even if they aren't feeling great, we can be there every step of the way to help them through a difficult time.

Comments from participants in FUMC Windsor, CO who hosted a Youth Mental Health First Aid Class: 

"This training comes at the right time for my husband and I. We have been in the middle of trying to help several of the teens we work with. One teen specifically has been really struggling and we have been trying to figure out the best way to support this teenager and the family. This class brought clarity on several of the issues we need to address and gave us the much needed verbage to be able to help effectively. The resources and handouts are something we will be using frequently."

“This valuable training provided help for me as a support person for many youths struggling with various mental health challenges including depression, bipolar and more. Specifically, I learned how to identify warning signs before a crisis happens, use language to bring out discussion regarding the mental health challenge a youth is experiencing and to know what potential local resources/local contacts there are if I need more support for a youth.”

For more information on Youth Mental Health First Aid or Mental Health First Aid, please contact Donna Dodrill at Donna.Cobalt@gmail.com

Find a Mental Health First Aid training class near you at: Mental Health First Aid National  and in Colorado: Mental Health First Aid Colorado