Mission u an opportunity for critical conversations

July 08, 2016
Submitted by Jim Gulley
Assistant Dean for Mission u

Mission u 2016 is an opportunity for you to prepare for critical conversations that every United Methodist pastor and key laity will surely have within their congregations in the months ahead: The Bible and Human Sexuality. Are you prepared for that conversation? 
There is no better time to begin preparations than this month at Mission u 2016. There will be one-day events at various locations and a three-day event at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Several outstanding clergy* will lead us in “claiming human sexuality as God’s good gift”. These leaders aim to create a safe space for individuals with varying perspectives to engage scripture and one another in the Spirit of Christ to understand human sexuality from a biblical perspective in the context of today's world. 
A second vital topic will be offered to all participants in the three-day event is Climate Justice: Call to Hope and Action. The course “invites you to seek climate justice, which means setting right our relationships with each other and the earth. Climate injustice is the result of climate change.” The course will challenge us to see what needs to be done so that climate justice may become a reality as we consider social and economic issues related to the environment.
Latin America: People and Faith, offered for a second year, is an introduction to how both colonialism and Christianity has impacted the rich diversity of people, cultures, societies and economies or our neighbors in Latin America. 
Break from your mid-summer routine to grow in faith and understanding as we learn from scripture, from the world around us and from one another. Be prepared to lead your congregations in matters vital to faithful relationships to one another and to all of God’s creation:
July 20: One-day Event - Evanston Center for Spirituality & Healing, Denver
July 21-23: Three-day Event - St. Andrew UMC, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
August and September events may be seen online with registration for all courses at www.rmcumc.org/mission_u
Feel free to call 303-954-9587 or email jngulley@comcast.net or jameslgulley@mac.com if you have any questions. We hope to meet you at St. Andrew UMC or at one of the one-day events!
*Mission u Study Leaders 2016
Climate Justice: Call to Hope and Action led by Drs. Miok and Michael Fowler for all participants; and the choice of The Bible and Human Sexuality: Claiming God's Good Gift led by Rev. Trudy Robinson, Rev. Andy Dunning, and Rev. Joe Agne; OR Latin America: People and Faith led by Betsy Keyack. Rev. Cesar Duran will offer a one-day Spanish language event on The Bible and Human Sexuality.