Mission u Study on Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action

January 13, 2022
Mission u coming in February 2022
Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action
Consecutive Sundays: February 6, 13, 20, 27 from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Join the Rev. Waveland King for a Mission u virtual study that uses Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action to deepen your understanding and awareness of climate change and its impact on God's creation. The study highlights justice, peace, and integrity of creation as important dimensions of partnering in God's mission today. It offers participants biblical, theological, and ethical insights as the basis of their advocacy on climate justice in churches and in the public sphere.
Deepen Understanding
Learn not only about climate change, but also about the justice concerns raised by the drivers of climate change and the communities affected by it. Participants in this study will also learn how their own actions contribute to climate change and what they can do to positively affect the environment. Equipped with this information, they will be able to share their knowledge, be intentional about living a sustainable lifestyle, and learn how to support those who suffer because of climate change.

Diverse Perspectives
Each chapter gives a different perspective of climate justice through the eyes of eight diverse authors. Participants will study the following.
  • Ways God has asked us to care for the earth.
  • Perspectives of those currently affected by the realities of climate change.
  • Meaning of climate justice and the perspective and priorities it requires.
  • Rich resources available in the life of the Church and beyond to address these concerns.
We hope you will consider joining us for this free Mission u study. We recommend you read the book prior to attending the study; the Kindle version of the book can be purchased on Amazon.
Rev. Waveland King is an avid photographer and climate justice advocate.
Rev. Waveland King says, “I lived in such a variety of environments - desert (high and low), oceanfront, prairie, and now the mountains. It has given me a deep appreciation of the vastness and diversity of creation. I love being outside and soaking in God’s creation, as well as enjoying reading, computers, science, astronomy, photography, music, and gadgetry. I love feeling how the earth anchors and supports me, and how a sense of being immersed in the stars of the universe centers and connects me. I’m also passionate about issues around social justice, concern for the poor, feeding and challenging our hearts and minds, and sharing God’s love. So I’ve been deeply saddened by the climate crisis, by the immense harm it seems poised to do to life on the amazing planet we all call home, and most of all by the injustice, conflict, and divisiveness it's causing among people. Understanding and addressing that injustice will be the subject of this course, as we seek ways to find hope for the future in actions we can do today.”

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