Missionary Cesar M. Duran reflects on his first month

August 10, 2015

I have had a month as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Conference and this has been a wonderful experience. Bishop and staff of the Conference Office have treated me wonderfully and made me feel very comfortable. This is a wonderful work team. Also, I have been in touch with the Latino congregations and their pastors, and we have spent a blessed time together. I thank God because it is a blessing to be a missionary of Global Ministries appointed as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Conference.

This month, I had the opportunity to visit many Latino congregations and pastors, and I see God is blessing each of the Hispanic ministries of the Rocky Mountain Conference. My first activity as Hispanic Ministry Coordinator was a camp at Buckhorn. I spent my first weekend here in Colorado viewing the beauty of the Colorado mountains and worshiping God with Latino congregations. It was a blessing to see the leadership of Pastor Hugo Melo of Rawlings, Wyoming, and the great attendance of El Remanente, the Hispanic ministry of Pastor Rafael Luna.

Gracia Divina was the first Hispanic ministry I visited. Guillermo Reyes is the pastor and they are members at Alameda Heights UMC of Denver, Colorado. I saw a great attendance in the worship service -- they were around 65 -- and that Sunday they received 20 people as new members of the church. I was also invited by the pastor to attend the Vacation Bible School where all the pastoral family were very active serving God and reaching new people.

My third Sunday I was at Epworth UMC, where there are two Hispanic assistant pastors: Vicky Alvarado and Hugo Venegas working in the Hispanic ministry over there. The second worship service at Epworth UMC is a bilingual worship service. In my own opinion, it is an extraordinary model to follow as Rocky Mountain Conference, and I was very blessed worshiping God in two languages in two different cultures. Without a doubt this is a wonderful model to open new Hispanic ministries in our Conference. The worship service was led in Spanish by Pastor Vicky Alvarado and in English by Pastor Jeff Kanost. I believe that as Rocky Mountain Conference, we need more ministries like this one.

The fourth Sunday, I visited the Hispanic Ministry of Pastor Lucia Correa, Enciende una Luz. This is the Hispanic ministry of Smoky Hill UMC of Centennial, Colorado. It was a great blessing to be in the worship service of this Hispanic ministry led by brother Victor, and was impacted for the message of a wonderful preacher, Pastor Lucia Correa. On Sunday, Aug. 2, was its fifth anniversary and we are very blessed because God is doing wonderful things in our Latino churches.

Also I visited Pan de Vida, the Hispanic Ministry of Brentwood UMC. Pastor Manuel Jimenez is leading this Hispanic Ministry and they have an extraordinary attendance around 70 each Sunday. Pan de Vida organized a Mission u event with missionary Miguel Mairena talking about Latin America. There was a great attendance of 31 people from many of the Hispanic ministries of our Conference.

Brothers and sisters, God is blessing our Hispanic ministry in the Rocky Mountain Conference. We want to continue working in other areas of our ministries and hope we can serve God together. Please continue praying for the Hispanic ministry of the Rocky Mountain. We need your prayers and cover, and also please pray for me as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator.

With love,

Rev. Cesar M. Duran

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