More than 100 people attend first week of Mission u 2017

July 28, 2017
Submitted by the Rev. Jim Gulley
Co-dean of Mission u 2017

Mission u 2017 officially kicked off last week! 

About 102 participants engaged in one or two days of learning, worship and fellowship at St. Andrew UMC on July 21 and 22, and University Park UMC on July 19, kicking off the beginning of Mission 2017. Courses offered were: Living as a Covenant Community, Missionary Conferences in the Appalachia region, in Oklahoma and Alaska among Native Americans, and Climate Justice (one day only).

The vast majority of participants rated the Mission u experience highly, gaining “Insights into church history” and “how the Methodist Church is involved in missions.” One study “Open(ed) my eyes to issues I wasn't aware of.” And another said the study “Made me think again of what I can do to make a difference for climate change and the environment.” In addition to the intensive daylong study, there were times for sharing, fellowship and joyful worship: “(I) loved the singing, small group sharing, crafts, visuals.” Another noted: "This was so great! How can we share with more participants?"

If you missed the kick-off for Mission u 2017, there is still time to participate! The next Mission u one-day events will be offered on Saturdays: Aug. 5 at Christ United Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 12 at The Heart of Longmont UMC, Longmont, Colorado, and Aug. 26 at Cortez United Methodist Church in Cortez, Colorado and Sep. 9 at Rocky Ford UMC, Rocky Ford, Colorado. You may go online and register directly or download a registration form and mail it in to the indicated registrar. We hope to meet you there!