Mountain Sky Area delegates elected legislative officers at General Conference

May 12, 2016
Rev. Brad Laurvick leads a sub-committee for Church & Society 2 on May 12 at the 2016 General Conference. He is one of two Mountain Sky Area delegates who were elected as legislative officers. The other is Rev. Tyler Amundson for a sub-committee on Conferences. Photo by Charmaine Robledo, Mountain Sky Area, UMC
Story and photo by Charmaine Robledo
Director of Communications, Mountain Sky Area of The United Methodist Church

Clergy delegates Bradley Laurvick, of the Rocky Mountain Conference, and Tyler Amundson, of the Yellowstone Conference, were the only members of the Western Jurisdiction elected as legislative officers May 11. Laurvick chairs a sub-committee for Church & Society 2 and Amundson chairs a sub-committee for Conferences.

With delegates from the South Central Jurisdiction, Southeast Jurisdiction and the African Central Conferences occupying most of the legislative offices, the presence of two Mountain Sky Area members might offer alternative perspectives.

"I want to guide a clear and open process," said Laurvick. "As chair, I don't get to shape opinion on our work, but I want to make sure it's done right. All of the important work is done in sub-committees."

Laurvick said his sub-committee is dealing with 36 to 45 petitions of the 120 that was sent to Church & Society 2. Amundson said his sub-committee will be covering general church issues and global restructuring. The most important piece of legislation within Amundson's committee is the proposal to turn the United States into a Central Conference.

For more information about the legislative committees, download a copy of the Daily Christian Advocate.