Mountain Sky Conference launches Culture of Call grant

November 27, 2018
The Mountain Sky Conference is excited to begin the Culture of Call grant process. The Culture of Call grant will give funds to churches, pastoral and lay ministries, and agencies looking to improve the process of nurturing and responding to God’s call in their communities.

People are instructed to listen for God’s voice. In this listening, Christians young and old, new and seasoned, may hear the call to ministry that God has placed in their lives. This call can take place at any time, and may come in many forms. It can also be missed if an individual does not know what to listen for. If heard, the call may be overlooked or rejected if resources for growth are not available.

The Culture of Call grant funds will help create a culture that aids in identifying and nurturing individuals’ call. The grant is awarded in the range of $500 - $2,000. The grant may be bestowed upon churches, ministries, campus groups, and other agencies. The funds will allow these groups to create resources that would provide opportunities to cultivate a Culture of Call.

Not every call is for the church. Whether it be a youth member called to nursing or a mother called to teach, the Culture of Call grant will allow individuals to hear these calls, discern their ministry, and respond in a way that allows them to serve God through their work.

A Culture of Call grant project may look like a mentoring program in one ministry, or a high-energy retreat in another. These grants are meant to be used in creative ways so that each recipient may utilize the funds in a way that best suits their unique community.

In conjunction with the Culture of Call grant, the Mountain Sky Conference will launch a social media challenge, #MyCall2Ministry, in the spring of 2019. The hope of this challenge is to share call stories so that individuals can recognize who, how, and why they are called to their personal ministry. Participants will also challenge friends to donate to the Culture of Call fund and share their stories. Watch our social media channels and website for this launch in February!

If you or someone you know would like to apply for a Culture of Call Grant, visit Applications are due Feb.15, 2019. If you have any questions, please email