Mountain Sky Conference Releases COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

April 20, 2021

1. Returning to Church

File:        Re-launching and Re-Forming Community
Video:  COVID Town Hall Meeting (April 21, 2021)

2. MSC COVID-19 Vaccine Videos:

Video 1: General Information:
Video 2: Vaccine Protection:
Video 3: Personal Experience:
Video 4: Vaccine Myths:

3. Resource Guide - this document contains articles, podcasts, videos, state-specific information, and pharmacy vaccine websites - COVID Vaccine Information From a Medical Perspective

4. Churches as Blood Donation Sites - Contact your local Vitalant Blood Donation Center or regional Red Cross to set up a blood drive or blood draw to help hospitals that are experiencing blood shortages during COVID-19.

5. Watch for the forthcoming MSC shorts: COVID Can't Stop This Church

As laity and clergy leaders, we seek to provide useful resources for your congregations and communities. Churches and church leaders are a trusted source of information and can be a source of life-saving information about COVID-19 and the current vaccine information. 

Thank you for partnering with the Ministry in a Time of COVID-19 Team!

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