Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads launches this week

November 09, 2020

Our Mountain Sky Conference is launching something new this month – a new website called Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads. But Crossroads is more than a website. It is a platform to find resources for ministry and network with others for ministry support and innovation.

Our Crossroads Purpose Statement: Ministry Crossroads brings together our United Methodist leaders – laity and clergy – from across our wide geography to share ministry ideas, network for solutions to challenges, and support one another's ministries so that we can live into innovative ways of being followers of Jesus transforming our world into God's vision of beloved community.

Why should you join?

At the heart of Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads are three core convictions:

  • Though at times we struggle with what it means to be followers of Jesus in a quickly changing world, God is still leading people, communities, and our world to a hope-filled future.

  • God has blessed our community of faith (both local and global) with all the gifts we need to make God's vision for us a reality. We only need to find ways to share the gifts we possess with those who need them, and to receive the gifts we need to meet our ministry challenges.

  • We are stronger when we work together, honoring our diversity, uniting in Love. This network seeks to bring us together across our wide geography to swap stories, experiences and ideas around our shared mission and lean into innovative ministry through inspirational, thought-provoking conversations.

Please check out Crossroads for yourself!

Become a member of Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads

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