Mountain Sky UM Foundation year-end giving brochures to be available by Nov. 1

October 10, 2019
Submitted by Kristi Kinnison
Executive Director
Mountain Sky United Methodist Foundation

The year-end giving brochure from the Mountain Sky United Methodist Foundation is in production. Churches will receive copies for distribution before Nov. 1, 2019.

This year’s brochure focuses on the tax benefits of planned giving. Nonprofit giving research shows that when donors can give and save taxes at the same time, then the charity often receives the surplus. Conversely, donors who don’t know about these planned giving techniques will give less. By providing this information to your givers, you also help ease their stress about the tax law changes that have “forced” them to give less. This brochure teaches donors how they can continue to give at the levels they dream of, using lesser-known tax laws to their advantage.

The most effective way to distribute these brochures is to mail them to your givers, along with a written note. The Foundation will be giving you some ideas about how to do that when they send the brochures.

The Foundation will mail the brochures directly to churches for distribution; church leaders don't need to do anything and can expect their package to arrive before Nov. 1. Last year, the Foundation produced and distributed about 10,000 year-end giving postcards to churches who requested them.

Read this article on the Mountain Sky UM Foundation website.