Mountain Sky United Methodist Women release statement encouraging action, justice regarding immigration issues

January 30, 2019

The leaders of the United Methodist Women (UMW) of the Mountain Sky Conference have released the following statement regarding the current immigration issue:

The undersigned leaders of the United Methodist Women of the Mountain Sky Conference:

  • believe that every human being is of sacred worth, as stated in the United Methodist Church Social Principles.
  • believe that our national immigration policies are not in line with those principles.
  • demand the end to the imprisonment of children and adults who are seeking asylum.
  • encourage all United Methodist Women to embrace this stand for justice

When women organize for social justice, change happens.

The Mountain Sky UMW represents 7,286 members in 198 churches in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and a portion of Idaho.

Over 30 elected leaders of United Methodist Women from the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone legacy conferences met in Salt Lake City Jan. 11-13 to merge our teams as the new Mountain Sky Conference.

For more information contact:
Karen Jaeger, Social Action Coordinator,
Ann Heard, Communications Coordinator,
Teresa K Henry, Mission, Education, and Action Coordinator,

Signed January 12, 2019

  • Sandra Garlick
  • Karen Bueno
  • Myrna Prentice
  • Mary Anne Bleyle
  • Jana Jones
  • Ellie Young
  • Linda Cockett
  • Judy Scrimshire
  • Pat Chase
  • Mary Ann Tabor
  • Diann Eason
  • Nancy Shultz
  • Patti Keebler
  • Miok Fowler
  • Judith Eicher
  • Jeannie Hall
  • Laurie Ball
  • Cathy Speich-Ferguson
  • Roxanne Roehl
  • Laurel Kubin
  • Tish Herries
  • Glenna Kyker Brayton
  • Karen Jaeger
  • Teresa Henry
  • Ann Heard
  • Laurie Fujinami
  • Janet Wolfer

Additional signatures

  • Tracy L. Reinhard
  • Sharon Yonkers
  • Connie Takameni
  • Nancy Gulley
  • Carolyn Balmer
  • P.T. Landis
  • Betty Edney-Milner
  • Shirley E. Myers
  • Jan Spitler
  • Sherry Schartau
  • Dorothy Bondurant
  • Margaret Hotze
  • Colleen Hayer
  • Janis Angermayr
  • Lora Fulton
  • Carol Beier
  • Lois Cheryl Runym
  • Peggy Beck
  • Sharon Wilshusen
  • Darlene Klin
  • Karen Waldron
  • Patricia Jones
  • Ann M. Toll
  • Mary Ann Kerttula
  • Lorraine Ptacek
  • Ellen L. Bode