MSC Disability Committee Offers Resources

December 15, 2021
The Mountain Sky Conference Disability Committee welcomed both clergy and laity to a Post Conference Meet-Up on November 18, 2022.

They would like to offer support to all within the Mountain Sky Conference with:
  • resources
  • the knowledge that respectful inclusion & representation matters
  • equipping of disabled leaders--clergy & laity
  • awareness
“In our work together, the MSCDC has shared effective, meaningful, and practical resources with one another and the people we serve. Our list is growing all the time. The Resource List that we have added below is our current compilation of resources offered for ministry and educational purposes.”
What are ways to counter ableism right now?
  • have conversations (with your congregants)
  • simple changes: font style & size
  • using mics (even for those who ‘speak loudly enough)
  • don’t assume everyone is physically & mentally able--many disabilities are ‘invisible.’
  • ask questions in spaces you occupy—decenter physical and mental able-bodiness
A Disability Inclusion and Empowerment Course is coming soon. Please fill out the interest form HERE to stay updated with any course or committee announcements.