New conference district names announced

December 07, 2015
Bishop Elaine J. W. Stanovsky sent a letter at the end of September about adjusting district boundaries in the Rocky Mountain Conference. These changes will be effective Jan. 1, 2016. The changes to the district boundaries will conform to the district superintendent responsibilities, according to the Book of Discipline ¶ 415. 4. The new district names will be Trinity, Peaks and Plains, and Wyoming. Below are explanations for the reconfiguration of the areas.

Trinity District: Union of Sunshine District and remaining present Plains portion of Peaks and Plains District.

The churches of the Sunshine District and Plains Sub-District are joining together as the Trinity District. The Trinity name celebrates the foundational theology of God-in-relationship that guides our life together. It also recognizes that this territory weaves together three distinct cultural and economic way-of-life strands: The agricultural communities of the Plains and the Arkansas and San Luis Valleys; the post-industrial City of Pueblo and its surroundings, which includes many prisons; and several communities with a tourism and retirement base. Life can be very different between these three arenas. Yet, we come together through our United Methodist connections and are blessed because of it. The name Trinity honors both our differences and our unification.

Peaks and Plains District: Union of Peaks sub-district and Northeast Colorado sub-district with Kirk and Howard United Methodist churches joining this district from former Plains sub-district.

The Peaks and Plains District is an area comprised of the communities in the mountains of the north Front Range, the urban areas of the Northern Front Range and the northeast plains of Colorado. The area has a diverse group of people, with diverse careers, perspectives, and ministry settings. We host universities of the mind and classrooms of the soil. We are made up of strong people who know how to survive and thrive no matter what the weather, economy, or other forces might present.

Wyoming District: Comprised of the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Conference portions of Wyoming in order to maintain state affinity as one district.
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