Jean Schwien Selected as UMVIM Coordinator

December 14, 2022
Pastor Jean Schwien from Cortez, CO, is the new UMVIM Coordinator for the Mountain Sky Conference.  Jean has been leading mission trips for youth and adults “for more years than I want to admit,” and has always considered hands-on mission work as the most meaningful expression of our Christian faith in action.  Raised by a mother who made hands-on mission the bedrock of her own faith, Jean is proud to continue the family tradition by encouraging others to engage as Volunteers in Mission.  In the coming months, Jean will be seeking out new UMVIM projects in the Mountain Sky Conference—especially projects that can accommodate volunteers who may not have specialized construction skills.  She believes that hands-on mission is for all ages, and hopes to identify sites and projects where families and seniors can be of service.  If your church or organization is interested in hosting Volunteers in Mission teams, please contact Jean at