News from the MSC Creation Justice Task Force

July 12, 2023

Green Team Resolution:  News and Resources for Churches

We are excited to share that our petition MSC 102 - Creation of Green Teams passed at annual conference with nearly 90% approval. 

Our Task Force has created resources for local churches as they develop or empower their existing Green Teams. We welcome YOUR contributions to these resources as well.
The 2023 Petition on Green Teams suggests that churches incorporate climate learning in several areas.  If you’re looking to start a green team at your church, check out these resources!

Energy Efficiency Grants

Federal funds are available to churches for energy upgrades, up to $200,000 in support for purchases /materials. Please note this money is NOT available for solar panel projects.   
There is a deadline for applications, so if you are interested:
1.) Send us your email with the name of the contact person for us to work with. Send to and we will connect you to the right people within our conference.
2.)  Complete an energy audit for your church building (often available for free by contacting your local utility provider).
3.)  Learn Energy Portfolio Manager
A free energy monitoring computer system from the EPA that will help your church get started in figuring out your current energy usage. There are churches within our conference that can help you get started. Contact us
Webinars for this grant project:

Slide Show on Green Teams from Annual Conference

In case you missed it, here is the link to the slide presentation that our task force offered at Annual Conference 23. This may help you start the conversation in your local church.  Please reach out and let us know how we can support you.