NEWS: Redistricting for Yellowstone Conference

March 28, 2018

Map of new district lines for Montana

Dear siblings of the Yellowstone Conference,

In Ecclesiates 3:1 we read: "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."

As we approach a new church season, it brings with it some changes: The Rev. David Burt will be leaving his positions as district superintendent, Assistant to the Bishop, and Director of Connectional Ministry to return to the local church on July 1. As a result, we will be redrawing district lines, creating a northeastern Montana district and a southwestern Montana district.

The values that were used to shape these districts included keeping current circuits intact so that relationships can continue to deepen and grow, and making the superintendency load more equitable between two district superintendents. Rev. Jan Witman will be the superintendent of southwestern Montana.

There will be an opportunity for district members to determine the name of their district later this year.

God continues to use us as witnesses to our communities of God's abiding love for us. May these new district lines provide new opportunities for growth and service.

In Christ's service,

Signature of Bishop Oliveto

Bishop Karen P. Oliveto