Nurturing Beloved Community Workshop

September 12, 2023

We are excited to welcome you to Nurturing Beloved Community, September 25 - 27, 2023 at Buckhorn Camp, near Bellvue, Colorado – join us just before the Clergy Orders Retreat, which is September 27-29, to find a couple of days of quiet and community during this workshop. We have reserved Elkhorn Hall which has two large rooms with bunk beds and bathrooms on both sides. The building has a dining hall as well. All lodging, meals, and programming are free and there are currently 10 spots left.

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This workshop experience can accommodate up to 30 participants. All clergy and laity are welcome (childcare is not provided for this event). The intention is to encourage attendance for an experience that will deepen relationships, expand each person’s cultural capacity, and expose participants to advocacy resources. Through a generous grant, there is NO COST for registration. Lodging and meals are covered. Your commitment is travel, engaging in the pre-work that is found on the confirmation page after you register, and your presence. Clergy are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for full participation.

Nurturing Beloved Community is a multi-day workshop that is intended to create space for learning, deep listening, relationship building, and worship; specifically focused on:
  • Learning from the wisdom and cultures different than our own.
  • Listening to the lived experiences of historically marginalized voices.
  • Worship rooted in different cultures and languages.
  • Lessons on history and current events, usually not taught in our institutions.
  • Training on Implicit Bias
  • Exploring what allyship and solidarity looks like within a community.
  • Practice being in community across differences.
  • Resourcing to bring antiracism, implicit bias, and intercultural competency work back to one’s own ministry setting and community.
  • Celebrate the richness of our diversity.
Below is the agenda for this upcoming NBC workshop:

Day 1

1:00                    Introduction and GRACE-Filled Conversation      
3:30                    Implicit Bias Session 1 “Recognizing Implicit Bias”           
5:30                    Dinner
7:00                    Worship

Day 2   

7:30                    Breakfast           
8:45                    Day Introduction by Pastoral Care Team
9:00                    African American History – The 1619 Project
10:45                  Implicit Bias Session 2 “Questioning Implicit Bias”           
11:45                   Lunch   
1:00                    Native American Experience, Wisdom, Teaching, and Discussion
3:00                    Worship
4:45                    Pastoral Care Team - Close of Day          
5:30                    Dinner and Fellowship  

Day 3 

7:30                   Breakfast           
8:30                   Open Day with Pastoral Care Team        
8:45                   Implicit Bias Session 3 “Transforming Implicit Bias”
10:30                 Immigration & Discussion          
12-1                   Lunch   
1:15                    Panel Discussion – Cross-Racial Appointments   
2:45-3:30        Wrap-Up: Resources, Action Plans, Revisit Objectives, Feedback/Evaluation,