Offer Seeds of Hope this Holiday Season

October 14, 2021
Mountain Sky Conference has had a relationship with the East Angola Conference of the United Methodist Church since 2003.  Churches and individuals have played an active role in supporting pastors and the agricultural programs at Quessua Methodist Mission. As the holiday season approaches we have the opportunity to offer seeds of hope – literally.

The Angola Advocacy team invites you to consider a Christmas Eve offering that will benefit either pastors or the agricultural programs of Quessua Methodist Mission. The advocacy team will provide short videos, video greetings from our missionaries in Angola, stories, or sermon notes/stories to help you promote these important ministries. These will be available on the conference website for your use.

Meet Pastor Neto Vieira Zua, who pastors Daniel Zandango United Methodist Church. Pastor Zua is also a small-scale farmer. The supplement salary has helped him increase his farm by buying 5 hectares of land so that he now has 8 hectares, which he farms with his wife to grow sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava. They also raise goats and sheep. The salary from Mountain Sky Conference has enabled him to provide school supplies and medicine for his children. He sends his greetings and says “Your generosity is not in vain. Receive tenfold from the almighty God.”

Your contribution to support pastors offers hope and support to pastors in small villages offering the love of Christ. Use Advance # 3021453 to support pastors in Angola.

Missionary Kutela Katembo is the agriculturalist at Quessua Methodist Mission. He is transforming the fields around Quessua Methodist Mission from mine-filled danger zones into a productive bread basket that feeds neighboring villages, provides training for students and communities, and has introduced livestock production. Under Kutela’s leadership, communities are trained in sustainable agriculture and community development which helps transform their lives and helps them respond to the challenge of food security.  You are invited to read a letter from Kutela Katembo's here.

This holiday season, offer literal seeds of hope by contributing to the Advance that makes the purchase of vegetable seeds possible. Use Advance #3022272 to purchase seeds for Quessua.

To learn more about our connection with Angola visit  Mountain Sky Conference | East Angola Pastor Support (

Submitted by Sally McConell, East Angola Advocate