Parker UMC helps revamp Simla UMC

August 03, 2015

Story and photos submitted by the Rev. Keith Eipper
President of Parker United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men of Parker United Methodist Church were encouraged by their pastor, Randy Jessen, to assist Simla UMC with exterior repair and painting of their church building. Once a thriving small town church, Simla UMC now has smaller attendance and limited resources. Still, the congregation desires to serve people in their area. They host a senior lunch every Wednesday and have 15 to 30 in attendance. In addition, the sanctuary is a very inviting place to worship.

After contacting Pastor Sherry Ferriman and two of the members, we accepted the challenge. We knew it had to become a church-wide project and invited our entire church body to become workers. Our congregation responded and provided workers, prayers and encouragement. Thirty-seven men and women from Parker UMC, ranging in age from 20-80, went to Simla to scrape, caulk, prime and paint. With two of Simla’s members working beside us, and a worker from Limon UMC, the project was completed! A total of eight work days and 488 volunteer hours helped to accomplish the task. The exact work days were June 8, 9, 15, 18, 20, 22, 24 and July 11.

We experienced wonderful fellowship together while accomplishing this monumental task. We do feel good about that! We are also mindful to give God praise for strength and safety.

The United Methodist Men of Parker are not looking for another large project just yet. That’s where you and your church come in! It’s a great time to look for short-term, close-to-home opportunities where you can be Missionaries for Christ.