Pathways Team releases preliminary report on November Focus Sessions

December 09, 2019
Pathways Team, which is facilitating discussions on the future of Mountain Sky, released a preliminary report on the 18 Focus Sessions held in November. Attendance so far is around 700.

The following are some of the major “themes” and comments developed so far:
  • Communication: While many were appreciative of getting a chance to hear about the work of the conference and opportunity to discuss and share in our future, there were a number of expressions that it took too long or that plans were developing behind the scenes.
  • MSC Vision Statement: Some expressed surprise that the MSC had a vision/mission statement. In some cases, it was read following the first video to help ground the discussion groups in the values of the MSC. There may have been unfamiliarity with the idea that beyond our mission to make disciples for Jesus there is a way (vision) that is the expression our conference uses to carry out that mission.
  • Scenario Feedback: Due to the constraints of time and group sizes, not all could fully engage in discussion surrounding all the scenarios presented. Larger groups in particular, were asked to discuss and comment on just one of the scenarios. here seemed to be a general consensus that it was just too much to think about in such a short time. On the upside, however, the sessions did seem to generate a deeper desire to discuss these issues further in their churches and communities. It does appear that participants are generally in support of the potential need for separation from the Traditional Plan — most probably as an autonomous entity. 
Pathways Team logo of a compass with mountain range backgroundThe entire report can be read here. 

There remains to be 12 additional focus sessions scheduled across the region with Zoom meetings that will allow for additional participation. Those will be scheduled in the near term. Please check the Pathways Team page for meetings as well as our Facebook events page and our calendar.