Prairie View Circuit members gather to assemble UMCOR buckets

November 03, 2017
Story and photos submitted by the Rev. Travis K. Walker
Pastor, Wiley and McClave United Methodist churches

This fall season, we’ve witnessed many storms disrupt the lives of our neighbors along islands and coastal regions. In response to these storms, the congregations from the northside of the Prairie View Circuit (Holly, Bristol, Granada, Lamar, Wiley, and McClave United Methodist churches) gathered supplies during September and October to assemble 25 UMCOR cleaning kits on Oct. 29 in a circuit gathering.

Photo of Prairie View Circuit members sorting supplies for UMCOR bucketsThis project was initiated by Pastor Kathy Leathers, Prairie View Circuit Leader and pastor of the Holly, Bristol, and Granada UM congregations. Pastor Kathy shared that Holly received many UMCOR cleaning kits after a tornado severely damaged the community in 2007.  She said “They know the value the UMCOR cleaning buckets, but more importantly, they know the love with which the buckets are packed with!”

After assembling the buckets on Oct. 29, the volunteers laid hands on the buckets and prayed that the kits may be a blessing and reminder of God’s love in the midst of hardship. Thank you to all who donated supplies and gave of their time in support of this circuit UMCOR project.