"Quarantine" at Buckhorn Camp

May 04, 2020
Story by Austin Hubbard 
Director of Buckhorn United Methodist Camp
Mountain Sky Conference, UMC

There are many seasons throughout life, and through my time of occupation in the United Methodist Church I have observed what I call the “Easter’s over vacation season”. I’ve noticed it seems to hit Choir Directors and Lead Pastors the hardest, but all Clergy and Laity have the tendency to look forward to this time of riding down the other side of the crescendo from the joyful noise we have made in Christ’s name, and rightfully so.

This season of COVID-19 has provided us new opportunities to celebrate the season of Lent, and Eastertide in ways that have been both rewarding and taxing for us. Just as there is good news to share in the resurrection of Christ, we bring good news from the mountains here at Buckhorn Camp! Starting May 1, Buckhorn Camp will be offering the opportunity to “Quarantine @ Camp”.

If you had vacation plans that were canceled, make new plans to enjoy a mountain top experience! We have a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house equipped with a standard residential kitchen that we would love to offer exclusively to our Mountain Sky Conference Clergy and Staff. The house is a private facility and guests will be responsible for bringing their own food to prepare and toiletries to use. The house does have baking and cooking utensils. We will also provide a walkie-talkie system for guests to communicate any needs with Buckhorn Staff, eliminating physical contact, and upholding social distancing guidelines.

Our plan is to book this facility from May 1 to August 1, leaving a minimum of 5 days between each booking. The 5-day window provides adequate time for the facility to air out and the staff to thoroughly clean before the next guest. Buckhorn Camp offers breathtaking views, hiking, a Labyrinth, and much more.

If you are interested in booking a stay at Buckhorn Camp please email Camp Director Austin Hubbard at director@buckhorncamp.org, or call 970-484-9825. It is requested that you make a donation to Buckhorn Camp as payment for your stay. If you have additional questions please call or email Austin.