Quessua Poultry Project is Underway!

October 15, 2023
Villagers in Angola need protein! Agricultural possibilities in Angola are great, but there are many challenges in reaching its potential. Kutela is working hard to provide simple, effective agricultural technologies to improve community lives.
Malnutrition, especially in children, is a scary, growing problem. To address this, Kutela wants to introduce raising chickens to provide eggs to families. Eggs are an affordable protein for villagers in Angola and the project will also be a learning opportunity for the agricultural students at Quessua.

The project will happen in two phases. Phase one is the construction of a chicken coop building. Phase two is layer production, raising the chicks into laying hens.  When the Mountain Sky Conference Team visited Quessua in July, Kutela Katembo showed the group the area within the Quessua farm that was selected for the poultry project.  With the generosity of MSC congregations and individuals, construction has begun.  The attached photographs show the progress of the facility that will eventually house 2,000 laying hens.  The purpose of the project is to provide another source of protein for village children.  

You can continue to be part of bringing better nutrition to the children in villages around Quessua.. A $10 donation will buy 10 chicks.  Let’s fill the hen house for our friends in Angola!

You may give using Advance #3022272- Quessua Agriculture memo: Poultry