Rawlins Cooperative Parish joins ecumenical service in the park

July 18, 2016
Story and photos submitted by the Rev. Sharon Langfeldt
Pastor, Rawlins Cooperative Parish, Rawlins, Wyoming

The people of Rawlins Cooperative Parish gathered with two other denominations (Episcopal and Baptist) for a worship service in a local park Sunday, July 17. The Rawlins Cooperative Parish is a church created two years ago with the joining of Rawlins First United Methodist Church and France Memorial Presbyterian Church in Rawlins, Wyoming. Clergy from the three churches created the ecumenical service, including sections of worship from each denominational tradition. We prayed and sang and listened together in what we hope will be an annual event celebrating the joy of following and serving Jesus Christ.

After the service, the attendees joined together to feast on "Walking Tacos" while sharing fellowship around picnic tables and in circles of camp chairs. Following the meal, there was a celebration of the two years of shared worship by Rawlins Cooperative Parish, complete with a celebratory balloon cake and music.