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July 18, 2017
Submitted by Ann Miller, 
Program Coordinator for Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching and Consulting Inc

Learn how to:
  • Craft a bold vision that exponentially expands what you and your congregation(s) thought possible.
  • Dramatically increase the number of people engaged in ministry.
  • Transform a risk-averse culture into a congregation willing to enthusiastically tackle new initiatives and try new ministries.
  • Be renewed and re-energized for ministry.

Led by Rebekah Simon-Peter, Creating a Culture of Renewal’s three-track program is an award-winning, proven, and empowering approach to self-awareness, leadership and ministry. Using emotional intelligence, you will master the vital interplay between group dynamics, congregational culture and communication to bring new life to your congregation.

Learning takes place through a rich mix of face to face retreats, collaborative learning, live webinars, a mentor for support and accountability, and workbooks designed especially for the experience. 

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