Rocky Mountain Conference cabinet establishes Christian Practices Covenant

February 23, 2015

Submitted by the Rev. Melanie Rosa
Rocky Mountain Conference Cabinet Dean

The Rocky Mountain Conference Appointive Cabinet strives to be intentional about our spiritual practices all through the year, as we seek to serve and follow Jesus Christ. We have established a Christian Practices Covenant which includes:

  • Justice: Service to the Poor
  • Compassion: Welcoming Strangers
  • Devotion: Dialogue with God
  • Worship: Growing in Community

All of our cabinet meetings begin and end with scripture, worship, prayer and humble discernment of God’s guidance and grace.

We were recently asked about our spiritual practices during this sacred season of Lent. Individual spiritual practices for Lent include: Singing the Psalms, fasting, confession, praying for one household in our District each day, daily reading the Lectionary and Christian devotional works, serving the poor and intentional self-care.

During this appointment season, our prayers are specifically for those whose lives are impacted by our decisions and for divine wisdom. After making appointments we offer this prayer: Eternal God, by your grace you have called us to your service. Grant us kindness. Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage to lead. Grant us your spirit of humility. Grant us the desire to bring individuals and communities closer to the realm of life you have envisioned. Help us all to live into the ministry of transformation, reconciliation and justice. Amen.