Rocky Mountain UM Foundation offers a year-end giving brochure

November 03, 2017
GOOD NEWS for End-of-Year Giving Options
Congregations can further the ministries and missions of their church, save on personal taxes, and impact lives through the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Share this GOOD stewardship NEWS!
Submitted by Sheri M. Altland
Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation

There are gifts that anyone can afford. Congregation members can give to the ministries and missions of their church while still preserving assets for retirement, and provide for loved ones while saving on their personal taxes – all great personal benefits! 

Yet, most important is the benefit of blessing by responding to the spiritual gift of generosity. End-of-year giving resources, to help congregations be aware of personal stewardship and giving options, will arrive in a few days to pastors and church finance leadership emails.

This stewardship resource is provided by the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation whose purpose is to help connect faith and finances by supporting stewardship development. During the year-end season of giving, inform your congregation of the ways that all can use to give generously at the end of 2017, and "plant the seed"  for how to maximize generosity and gifts for the coming year. 

Download the End of Year 2017 brochure

Questions? Contact Sheri Altland at the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation:  or 303-778-6370.