Scholarships available for laity to attend UMC events

April 18, 2019
Submitted by Ruth Wills
Board of Lay Ministry, Mountain Sky Conference, UMC

The Board of Lay Ministry of our Mountain Sky Conference provides scholarships for lay members. We want to help provide funding for you to attend an event that would help you spiritually, or increase your knowledge through a United Methodist Church event/workshop, or strengthen your leadership ability.

The process for receiving a scholarship requires filling out a request form with information on why you need the funding, information on the event you wish to attend, how you might utilize the learning you receive, and approval by your pastor for applying for a scholarship. Then you would send the form, written or electronically, to one of our scholarship coordinators, Ken Hazlitt or Ruth Wills. For events within your state, we can provide funding up to $250.  For events out of your state, we can provide funding up to $500.

Our hope in providing scholarship funding is that scholarship recipients would be willing to share their new knowledge within the local church or beyond into the district or conference.

Click here to download the scholarship application

Ken Hazlitt, 206 Colorado Place, Sterling, CO 80751,
Ruth Wills, 16717 E. Davies Ave., Aurora, CO 80016,