Smoky Hill UMC Field Day Fun

August 11, 2021
On July 17th, 2021, Smoky Hill UMC in Centennial, CO hosted a Family Field Day Event.  Our Children and Family Ministries and our Abundant Health Team worked together to plan a morning of fun and activity for all ages.  Traditional events such as a wheelbarrow race, sack race, and three-legged race were all part of the fun.  We started out with the children competing with children, adults with adults, but it soon evolved into a multi-aged event that was exceedingly non-competitive.  Everyone cheered for everyone and the smiling faces of even the youngest in the group were priceless. Even those of us who mostly just cheered others along had a great time. We included hula-hooping in the events and were pretty impressed by the abilities of those who had perhaps not hula-hooped in some time.  The kids were naturals.  The event ended with a balloon toss which devolved into more of a balloon fight.  Our Children’s Ministry Chair was in the thick of it and naturally ended up the wettest.

Following the activities, all joined in a bring-your-own sack lunch where we cooled off in the shade and decided that we will definitely do it again.

Submitted by Jana Jones

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