Standing with Haiti Amid Quake and Storm

August 23, 2021
An open letter to the Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church from Rev. James L. Gulley, retired, former Haiti Coordinator for Global Ministries/UMCOR

Dear Family, Friends and Acquaintances,

Because I was engaged in mission & development in Haiti for 10 years — before and after the 2010 earthquake (and my rescue from the collapsed Hotel Montana) — and continue to have many colleagues and friends affected by this earthquake, I am reaching out to all throughout the Mountain Sky Conference connection.

I am appealing to your compassion and your capability to financially support the people of Haiti at this moment. Words are inadequate to describe the series of shocks which the people of Haiti are enduring:

- unending political turmoil & gang violence, 
- assassination of the Haitian President last month,
- a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, followed in a matter of hours by 
- Tropical Storm Grace flooding a battered people

Please see the update from UMNews:  Standing With Haiti Amid Quake and Storm by Heather Hahn.

Where there is no end to suffering, there can be no end to compassion, giving and coming to terms with our own complicity in Haiti's suffering. Giving is the easiest -- but essential -- thing for us to do first. 

If you need a trustworthy channel where 100% of your funds will go to Haiti, send through UMCOR - The United Methodist Committee on Relief and its International Disaster Response and Recovery Advance #982450: International Disaster Response and Recovery Advance #982450. The Haitian people need our support now!

Grace, compassion and peace,