Still in Mission

May 11, 2021

Mozart Makafui Adevu 

Still in Mission is a program of GBGM that offers monthly messages from our missionaries in service. Participants can even join in conversation in chat rooms. Missionary presentations demonstrate what is happening on the ground where they are serving and how church support is working to make lives better in their ministry locations. Many Mountain Sky Conference churches and individuals support Mozart Makafui Adevu, the Africa Regional Coordinator for Sustainable Agriculture & Development Programs, United Methodist Church Office in Ghana; and Helen Roberts-Evans, the Associate Director for Supervision, Department of General Education & Ministry of the Liberian Annual Conference. They will both be presenting from their home countries for a one-hour presentation, and you can register to take part in presentations. 

Helen Roberts-Evans 

Consider registering for a Still in Mission presentation to get a taste for how a Sunday School group, Bible study, or other ministry might host a missionary. Visit the Still in Mission Schedule and register for the May 27, 2021 program to learn more about the Still in Mission program. 

Another opportunity to connect with a missionary is the itineration series Mozart Makafui Adevu is participating in. Upcoming offerings are on June 1 and 8, at 12 noon EDT (10 a.m. MDT). This longer format is intended to increase the relationship between the missionary and their supporting churches. Even if you are not a supporting church or individual, this series is an excellent way to get an education regarding how missionaries are supported and to sample the extraordinary work they are doing around the world. This flyer shares details on how to join the conversation with Mozart, including discussions on the benefits of moringa and the how beekeeping is helping local farmers.

Mountain View UMC, Boulder, CO spokesperson Joanie Calhoun shares why her congregation supports Mozart Adevu. "Mozart demonstrated that his work with farmers was making a differences in those families lives. They were planting more varieties of vegetables, building bee hives and harvesting honey to sell, using organic fertilizers instead of chemicals and being able to pay school fees for their children. They were able to begin to be self-sufficient, some being able to build a better house for their family. Mozart writes frequent newsletters with photos which kept the committee and the congregation engaged."