Summer Creation Justice

August 12, 2021
Throughout the Mountain Sky Conference, our community has been enjoying God’s creation this summer. We have been hiking up mountain trails, cruising the wide-open plains on road trips, enjoying the cool shade of leafy cottonwood trees, and harvesting sweet summer fruit for our dessert.

As our community enjoys God’s creation this summer, a team has formed to consider ways to care for and protect the beautiful gift of creation. The Mountain Sky Conference Creation Justice Task Force has been busy organizing into small working groups such as local church engagement, Just Energy for All, state and federal policy advocacy, collaboration with the larger UMC Creation Justice movement, outreach, communications, and a presence at 2021 Annual Conference. Are you interested in joining the team? The next meeting is Thursday, August 26 at 6:30 pm, and all are welcome. Please email for information about how you can be a part of a more unified voice calling for creation care, justice, and regeneration from our faith perspective.

How are you connecting with your community this summer? The Community Engagement team of the Mountain Sky Conference encourages you to pick a project, volunteer in mission, start a new group, work on leadership development – the possibilities are endless. Then, sometime between today and September 1, tell us about it! Selected stories will be celebrated via Mountain Sky communication vehicles such as Ministry Crossroads. As we continue to build our connection, we celebrate the ways that faith communities are engaged. By sharing how you are involved, you inspire others and share knowledge with those communities that have the same challenges and opportunities as you! Check out our link for more details and feel free to share across the Conference.